Sunday, December 25, 2011

Capiz Delicacies

Welcome to Capiz Delicacies take a look at some of our delicacies food that makes our pride as Capizeneos as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines we are so proud of what nature gave us. We are so blessed of this kind of resources, because we are all taking care of what we have. Isiah Johnson Obera is one who first organized the Capiz Delicacies over the web, and his Alma Mater is Colegio Dela Purisima Concepcion, Located at Roxas City, Capiz it is a Catholic School Supervised by the Capiz Clergy and actually it is a Big and Decent School in the Province of Capiz.

Dried Fish

Capiz Delicacies have more of this kind of food especially in Dumulog Roxas City, there sourceof income is the Uga or Dried Fish.


Lobster is one of the finest food that can be found in Capiz Delicacies.


Diwal or Angel Wing Seashell this food is celebrated by it's own feast the Diwal Festival of Roxas City, Diwal is a delicious seashell compare to Tahong and Talaba. I love Capiz and i love Capiz Delicacies.


Crab is one of Capiz Delicacies great food, when you open the shell and taste inside. Yummy it's really delicious and this food is the main source of income in Dayao, Roxas City.


Barquillos is one of Capiz Delicacies exported product, this food is very delicious because it's made of pure eggs. This food can buy in Malipayon Village Roxas City, Blk.6 this product is owned by Gigi Matias Obera and Supervised by Rocini Parenno Obera.


Pinasugbo is also one of the exported product of Capiz Delicacies because of good taste.


Suman is Capiz Delicacies native food, since 1980's these food lived Capiz and serve Roxas City.


Turon is also a native food that can be found in Capiz Delicacies. In fact these kind of food is also serve in restaurants and fast food chain.

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